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X-Frame Banners also known as Spider Banners. It is printed in full colour onto PVC Banners and each of them attaches to an X-shape frame with eyelets in each corner, making the print interchangeable.


X-Frame Banners are great for indoor use such as malls, promotions, tasters, expo's and shop fronts.



  • Standard X-Frame – 1600mm x 600mm
  • Large X-Frame – 1800mm x 800mm


-Non Curl PVC

-Includes bag, print and unit


One of the most sought after Indoor Promotional Products for small scale In-Store Advertising.


X-Frame Banners are printed in full colour onto PVC banners and each of them attached to an X-shape frame with eyelets in each corner, making the print inter-changeable.


Due to the x-shape at the back, it also ensures stability and prevents it from falling over easily or getting bumped over.


The X-Frames or Spider Banners are great for indoor use. These X-Frame Banners are perfect for malls, promotions, tasters, expo and shop fronts.


They can however also be used for outdoor events at stalls to promote the brand or give through information to by-passers or customers at the back of the line.


They can be put to great use to promote a special for the day/month, present a menu to people outside, list new products, show an announcement and the list goes on and on!


They are effective, top quality and with our prices, it will be hard to find the same product at a better price range that can fit your budget!


Advantages of making use of our X-Frame banners include the following:

  • They can be printed onto PVC  which provides top quality and ensures durability for a long-lasting product
  • Banners are printed only single-sided due to the frame being at the back of the printed side
  • They are easy to set up and store which will keep them at its best condition and can be used time and time again
  • Lightweight and easy to transport x-frame banners which makes it so much more convenient and reliable
  • Also known as spider banners
  • The X-frame print is interchangeable


One of the most sought after Indoor Promotional Products to have your brand stand out.

X-Frame Banners

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